How the Internet of Things will Reshape Our Lives in the 2020s

The term “Internet of things” (IoT) refers to a group of devices that are connected together through a wireless network. And delivers a great collection of usability features to the end consumers. For example, if your smartphone is connected with your smartwatch, then it could be derived into the category of the Internet of Things. As we all know, the combination of them both can deliver great usability to the users.

These smart devices contain several sensors & chips that can collect the data from one device and upload that data to the cloud. And the data will be exchanged with other connected devices. And after processing that data, certain tasks and features will be delivered to the end-user.

In layman terms, the Internet of Things is a group of wirelessly connected devices, designed to exchange data using cloud and delivers great usability features to end-users. In this article, we will discuss how the Internet of Things will reshape our lives in the 2020s. So, let’s discuss the topic with key points.

Most advanced devices

The more devices will get connected together. Better features & control will be delivered to the end-users. The simplest example of the automatic lighting system will illustrate this concept better. When we enter the home, the lights get turned on automatically. The intensity of the lamps & light color can be controlled through the phone. And when we leave the room or home, the lights turn off automatically.

These automated lights are possible due to the wireless connection between the lamp module and your phone. And this was just a small example, such systems can be implemented for almost every household device. The un-imaginable tasks can be completed with such systems. The fully automated smart homes & devices are just a few years away.

Smart health care

The health care system will even experience the benefits of the Internet of Things. The smart beds will be installed at the hospitals. The beds can be automatically adjusted according to the convenience of the patients. Even the data of vital statistics of the patients can be collected through the IoT enabled devices. And the data of statistics will be used for a better purpose.

The application of IoT in the medical sector holds huge potential. Using smart devices, the current condition of each patient can be monitored remotely. These devices will also reduce the workload of medical staff. Better medical treatment will be provided to the patients. Overall, a better health care system will come into existence.

Better traffic management

Traffic jams are a major problem in all larger cities around the world. During the peak hours of the day, the distance of 15 minutes takes almost an hour to cover. For all the working professionals, going & leaving the workplace are the huge nightmares. With the interconnected system of roads, vehicles, and of course traffic lights, the traffic can be managed quite smoothly.

According to the flow of vehicles, traffic lights will automatically adjust themselves. The traffic will be managed efficiently. There will be a smart highway too. The users will have the information about snow, current accidents, and traffic before approaching highways. And with the use of an automated solar system, the highways will become energy efficient too.

The shopping habits will change

Currently, the majority of us used to go to brick and mortar shops or online stores like Amazon for shopping. But few years down the line, the Internet of Things will completely change that. The smart IoT enabled devices, will track the current inventory and demand from the shoppers.

Using the new IoT enabled systems, the devices will be able to track the buying behavior of the shoppers. The businesses will be able to give personalized shopping suggestions to targetted users. Shoppers and businesses will benefit from such a system.

Smart vehicles

A smart vehicle is surely the future. The cars, driver, smartphone, and the traffic management Internet of Things system will talk to each other. The functionality of self-driving cars will be also enabled. Tesla has already started giving this feature with their cars. The fantasy of movies will come to life.

With more technology advancements in the self-driving car management system, car driving will get even better. The smart self-driving feature will increase road safety and decrease the chances of accidents. And the car music system, air conditioner, car heating system, and several more features of vehicles will be automated.

Improved agricultural sector

The world’s population is on the rise. The demand for food supply is increasing. Several countries are running out of food supplies. The people are dying out of starvation. According to the UN, to meet the food demand in 2050, we need to increase food production capacity by 60%.

The Internet of Things will increase the efficiency of the agriculture industry. The concept of networked agriculture will see the rise. The IoT enabled agriculture system will work on the real-time data-driven decision. According to weather forecasts, soil conditions, and real-time requirements, the crop management system will operate. It ultimately delivers better productivity of farming.

Smart grids & renewable energy

Several countries around the world are facing electricity shortage issues. Renewable energy could be the solution for them. The renewable energy sector will surely see the rise. It also helps in improving the environmental condition of the earth too. And in the near future, the majority of automobile suppliers will also turn towards renewable energy.

The IoT enabled renewable electricity power plants will increase electricity generation. And the smart IoT enabled grid system will revamp the energy sector too. Due to better grid management by IoT devices, there will be fewer energy losses, fewer power cuts, and no blackouts.


The Internet of Things is the future of mankind. The combination of the IoT and Artificial Intelligence will deliver totally revamp our lifestyle. The concept of a truly smart city will come into existence. The data-driven decisions taken by the machinery will improve the life of mankind. The tracking of more and more user data will surely increase the security concern of user’s data. But with the creation of better cybersecurity standards, those concerns can be solved too.

I hope this article will help you understand how the IoT will improve the lifestyle of the user.

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