Radar Detectors

Important Factors to Consider as You Choose a Radar Detector

The presence of radar enforcement on the roads make it hard for one to relax while they are driving. This is because one can quickly be caught on the wrong side of the law if they are driving beyond the provided speed limit. However, radar detectors have stepped in to help with this situation. They are crucial as they can be able to detect radars near where one is driving. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a radar detector.

How do radar detectors work?

To understand how radar detectors work, we shall begin by looking at how a radar works. Radars work by being able to identify not only the distance at which a car is but also the speed at which it is moving. It all happens at the speed of light thus a driver might not have a chance to slow down before spotting the radar. Radar devices transmit a microwave pulse that bounces back to the radar once it hits an object. It will, therefore, be able to calculate the distance between the radar device and the said object.

In determining the speed, the frequency of the returning microwave pulse is altered as it goes back due to the moving object. As a result, it will take a shorter distance to travel. By calculating the difference in frequency, the radar can thus successfully figure out the speed at which an object like a car is moving. Radar detectors are essential as they can prevent the sent microwave pulses from transmitting back to the radar. That way, the enforcers will be unable to tell the speed at which a car is moving.

Radar detectors use a technology known as a superheterodyne reception to achieve this. When radar detectors receive microwave pulses, they will notify a driver by making a noise or flashing a light. That way, a driver can slow down thus avoiding a ticket or getting into an accident.

What are the different types of detectors?

Now that you understand the importance of radar detectors and how they work, you need to be exposed to the radar detectors that are on the market. There are mainly three types of detectors including corded, cordless and the remote-mount detectors. The corded detectors are considered as being the best as they have the most outstanding detection range. They are usually installed on the windshield through the use of suction cups.

Secondly, the cordless detectors are advantageous in that not only can they be moved from one vehicle to another but also, they are easy to install. Lastly, the remote-mount detectors are convenient as they cannot be detected easily.

As much radar detectors are classified under these three, the features vary from one to the other depending on the cost, type, and manufacturer. Consequently, one needs to have the following features in mind.

Number of laser sensors

While looking into laser detection, one needs to take note that there are two kinds. A detector that only has one laser sensor will only be able to detect the presence of beams coming from in front. On the other hand, a 360-degree laser sensor has proved to be beneficial in that it has two sensors. That way, it can detect microwave pulses from both ends. Despite the fact that they cost more, they are the preferred option as they are more reliable.

Highway mode and City mode

Most radar detectors have the highway mode as their preselected sensitivity level option. This mode differs from the city mode which reduces the range of detection and sensitivity. From the name, one can easily understand that this mode is convenient around cities. This is because one is likely to get false radar alarms from signals that come from automatic door openers. If you are frequently driving within a city, you should choose from radar detectors which can isolate the different signals coming its way.

Radar detector detection

Law enforcers are aware that there are people who use radar detectors. In some places, the use of radar detectors has been declared illegal among commercial vehicles. This led to the development of radar detector detection also referred to as RDD. They are detectors which can tell when someone has installed a radar detector. To prevent that from happening, manufacturers came up with radar detectors models that can shut down or give a warning when there is an RDD in the vicinity.

I) VG-2

These are RDDs which worked by being able to note the oscillations coming from one frequency band. They are less common nowadays as most detectors are have been designed to protect them from this kind of RDD.


This is a more complex type of RDD technology because they can detect more radar detection emissions. Therefore, for better protection, you should consider finding radar detectors that offer Spectre invisibility.

iii) VG-2 and Spectre blocking

There are detectors which automatically send a driver a warning signal then shuts down. More expensive radar detectors are a better option due to their invisibility feature. This means that they will not be discovered even in the presence of Spectre of VG-2 RDDs.

Different kinds of alerts

This is also an essential consideration that you should make. Radar detectors which come with voice and visual alerts are better as they communicate when they have picked up a radar signal.

“Instant-On” protection Protecting oneself from instant on radars has proved to be a big challenge. This is because, by the time your detector sends you a signal, the radar enforcement officers would have already taken your speed. It is important to note that detectors which have sensitive K-band reception are used for instant on protection.

Consider radar detectors which are compatible with your smartphone

Some of the available radar detectors can be integrated into your smartphone through some applications. Such are useful in that they can alert drivers around that area that there are radar enforcers around that vicinity.

Also, there some detectors can directly send alerts to your phone through Bluetooth. In conclusion, for those who are looking for radar detectors, it is recommended that you should choose ones which are enabled with features that will offer you the kind of protection that you desire.