6 Important Features your Antivirus Software Must Include

We are living under a continuous threat of internet viruses. Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common. The phishing attacks, identity theft, malware are becoming more and more obvious. Hence having a robust antivirus solution for your computer is a must.

And for antivirus software too, there are many confusions across users. Many users tinks that all antivirus software is the same and possess almost the same feature set, but the avg free antivirus is the best for all of us. Well, that is not exactly true. Many antivirus software has a different feature set. Here we will discuss what are the key features that your antivirus software must possess. Let’s discuss the top features of antivirus software.

Real-time scanning

Any superior antivirus software will have the feature of real-time scanning. This stops any bad from happening before it even enters your computer. If your virus protection software does not have real-time scanning capability there is no meaning of using. Even there are many antivirus software that makes you scan your computer manually. And if any bad happens, they may not be able to block in real-time. Hence while buying antivirus make sure that it posses real-time scanning features.

Automatic updates

When it comes to antivirus software, automatic updates are a must. The software must include the feature of automatic updates. The hacker’s community is getting really active. They create several new forms of malware every day. Several new types of malware are being launched on the internet every day. And to protect your system, the antivirus software creators are also improving their software. But for the software to work properly on your system, it must be updated automatically. Or else your computer will get infected due to the outdated security standards of your antivirus software.

Email protection

For any antivirus software, email protection is becoming very important. The rate of phishing attacks is increasing. The hackers send an email impersonating different brands and organizations with malicious files, links, or attachments, which will be their way of entering your system. The virus protection software must be capable of protecting your computer from such phishing emails. The software should be capable of moving all those emails in a spam folder.

Protection for multiple apps

Your virus protection software must be able to protect your computer across multiple apps. The hackers these days are getting really intelligent. They have found themselves multiple ways of entering your system. They can enter through the browser, messaging apps, email, and countless more ways. Your virus protection software must be able to stop them from entering your computer.

Patch management

The computers these days posses several different software and applications on them. And all the programs need to get updated according to their update cycle. Many times, the hackers use that outdated software as their way of entering into your system. The virus protection must update all the software and application, so the hackers do not get a chance to enter into your system.

Protection against all types of malware

Several types of malware exist on the internet. Your virus protection suite should be able to defend all kinds of malware such as trojans horses, spyware, bots, viruses, etc. Protectin from all such viruses is very important for the end-users. 


The virus protection is becoming a norm. The protection of your important data and devices is important. If you are planning to buy a new virus protection software, make sure that it must possess all these capabilities. Thanks for reading till the end.

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