The Best Sports Cars to Look Out For

Many people get goosebumps while going through the best cars in the world. This comes as no surprise as it is an exciting experience to be able to go through the new features and technology that these cars have. The list of the best cars in 2018 is finally here. It comprises of sports cars which are not only fast but also have an impressive engine among other features.

The best cars in the world include the ones which have stuck to meeting the traditional standard of a sports car to the ones which are more luxurious and comfortable. Despite their differences, you will not be disappointed by the features that the cars on this list boast of. Some of the best cars include;

1. Porsche 911 Carrera

The numerous improvements that have been made to this car are what earned it its title as one of the best cars. The Porsche 911 Carrera is the latest version. It beats the first generation 991n due to the magnificent driving experience that it has.

A new feature that in this car is the turbocharged engine. Some argued that this feature will not be well received by people who have had previous Carrera generations. However, this might not be the case as the new additional features are extraordinary. Its engine quality remains unbeatable. Also, given that it has electric steering and uses a cooling water system, it stands among the best cars.

2. Jaguar F-Type

This excellent feature that this F-Type Jaguar has goes a long way towards proving that Germany has made a mark in the car manufacturing industry. It truly is among the best cars. As much as it has some flaws here and there, it still meets the standard of an incredible machine. Its value, similarly to that of the E-type is unquestionable.

3. The Lotus Evora

The dynamic ability that this car has is unmatched. It is the quintessence of how modern cars should make their rides, car handles, and steering. It has been said that this car has a power of 410bhp. However, some people have argued that it might have even more power than what has been reported.

The advantage of increased power is that this race car has an improved aerodynamic package and an adjustable suspension. Also, by being less heavy that some of its previous version, this car’s quality cannot be compared to many.

4. BMW i8

One factor that stands out in this car is its incredible finish both on the inside of the car and outside. Additionally, this car’s dynamics and powertrain have attracted the attention of many people around the world. Many would have disagreed with this list had the BMW i8 not featured among the best cars.

It has been argued despite being a better drive, the sale of the Porsche 911 Carrera will drop as more people might be tempted to buy the BMW i8.

5. Nissan GT-R

Nissan really out in a lot of thought while making this car. Not only does it have speed but also meets the standard of the modern car. This is one of the factors that make this Nissan GT-R be amongst the best cars. At the price of below £100k, you cannot get a sports car with as good speed like this Nissan offers.

Also, if you are seeking to find a sports car which has a touch of luxury, the GT-R is your best option. The digital charm that it has given an edge to this car.

6. Lexus LC

This car rivals others that have made it to the list of the best cars in many ways. It is has competed fairly against others such as the Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes S-class Coupe, and the Porsche 911. The V8 engine that this car comes with beats that of many sports cars that are on the market.

Some of the people have not been pleased by some of its shortcomings though. They have argued that it might feel large and heavy much to their displeasure. However, its excellent features such as the front engine and its glamour outweigh its shortcomings.

7. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

This is the quintessential vehicle that embodies the ideas of purists who love old-school sports cars. When taking a closer look at some of its features such as its natural engine, it is a rear-wheel drive and its manual gearbox, one might easily relate it to the traditional sports cars. One thing remains certain though; its excellent features mirror the goals that Chevrolet has in manufacturing the best cars.

8. Maserati Gran Turismo

Maserati has always been a very desirable car to have. The Maserati Gran Turismo was specifically designed as a replacement for the Gran Turismo S version. Among its excellent features include the V8 engine, a big enough room inside that can accommodate four people and its elegant looks. These features award this car a spot on the list of the best cars.

However, it would have been an even better version had they corrected some of the details such as making sure that they adjustable damping works perfectly.

9. Alfa 4C Romeo

The Alfa 4C Romeo has a 1.75 L 1750 turbocharged engine with a 240-metric horsepower. It comes in either a coupe or a spider body. Therefore, you should be aware of the specific body style that you are hoping to get.

As much as it has been juxtaposed to the Porsche Cayman, the people who already own it have no regrets whatsoever.

10. Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan Plus is among the best cars because of its unique looks and by the fact that while being driven, it can maintain a straight line. Many people have, however, pointed out to the fact that it has so many shortcomings which could have easily been avoided especially because they are being sold at £80,000.