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Advanced Carbohydrates

  • Cellulosic Sugars
    A leading producer of refined sugars, Virdia's carbohydrates are highly pure and a preferred feedstock for a wide array of valuable industrial products, such as biochemicals, biofuels, and bioproducts, including food and feed fermentation.

  • High Quality Lignin
    Virdia produces a bone-dry, clean lignin from biomass that is a high energy solid fuel, as well as a unique feedstock for production of plastics, carbon fibers and phenol-based products.

  • Green Process
    Virdia's technologies are running in almost completely closed loops, with marginal waste, a low environmental footprint and considerable reductions of greenhouse gases.

Creating Economic Opportunities

  • Energy Security
    Hydrocarbon products from Virdia's sugars can readily replace petroleum-based molecules in the liquid fuel supply, contributing to energy independence and a refocus of capital towards domestic energy instead of overseas dependence.

  • Serving People and Industries
    Virdia's cellulosic sugars, derived from readily available non-food sources, such as plantation wood and agricultural waste, can be used to replace corn or cane sugars for fermentation into nutritional products for the food and feed supply, as well as enable the production of other essential bioproducts and biochemicals.

  • Ubiquitous and Scalable
    Lignocellulose, from which Virdia’s sugars and lignin are derived, is the most abundant polymer on earth, and is supplied through the extensive development of sustainable practices in agriculture and plantation forestry.

  • Affordable and Reliable
    When derived from biomass, sugars are an optimal feedstock readily available in large quantities. They are not susceptible to environmental or seasonal fluctuations, and are immune to the supply and price volatility that characterizes the food and petroleum markets.

Replacing Petroleum

Environmental and economic developments have promoted conditions that welcome a large-scale alternative to petroleum products. Cane and corn sugars compete with food consumption, impacting the price of food and alternative energy. Ligno-cellulosic feedstock is the only source of carbohydrates available in quantities that are large, affordable and sustainable enough to avert a food and energy crisis. Virdia’s technologies and products provide a solution for extracting value from biomass for sustainable energy, chemicals and nutritional products.

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